Introduction to Engineering Faculty

As it is clear for all Afghans that the imposed wars of the last four decades have massively destroyed and paralyzed the majority of the infrastructures of our beloved country, so Afghans need engineers who are well-trained , committed and experienced in order to rebuild their war torn country, and to lead the country towards prosperity. For the above-mentioned reason, Salam University realized the importance of this issue, and felt the necessity to establish an engineering faculty with four departments: (civil Engineering, Architectural Engineering,  Electrical Engineering and Urban Planning) at the very beginning of the establishment of the University in 2009 to fill a large gap in the society.

Objectives of Engineering Faculty

Engineering Faculty of Salam University in the light of its vision and mission strives to educate youths in the way to realize their responsibilities toward their country in the spirit of patriotism and play vital role in building and flourishing the country's construction and development projects. It tries to educate youths who are always dedicated to serve their homeland and people and strive to create more prosperity and comfort for their countrymen.

The Faculty Has Set the Following perspective to achieve the mentioned goals:

1- Providing the ground for study in the field of engineering at the level of bachelor, master and doctorate in accordance with regional and international standards.

2- Enhancing the quality of education and creating a convenient and Islamic environment in accordance with the needs and demands of our beloved country.

3- Striving to provide the ground for development in the relevant fields in both theoretical and practical ways.


Inayatullah son of Asadullah, born in 1372. He successfully completed his high school education at Hazrat Qais Bin Saad High School. In 1390, he passed the entrance exam and got admission into the engineering department of Nangarhar University. Currently, he holds the position of departmental head of Engineering faculty of Salam University, where he has been working as a professor since 1304. Additionally, he is pursuing a master's degree at the Sanskrit University of India.

Vision & Mission


The Faculty of Engineering is determined to be a scientific, credible, academic, and research institution in various fields of engineering sciences and to be the leader in the education of committed and expert staffs in the country.


The Faculty of Engineering considers it its mission to reach its vision regarding the education of scientific and committed staff in engineering science and knowledge, the implementation of professional scientific research and the provision of scientific and specialized advice to governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Strategic Plan
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Fee Structure

Fee Structure for Master in Engineering




Payable Amount

Admission(Only Once)

10000 AFN


10000 AFN

Semester Fee

90000 AFN


49500 AFN