Improving Writing Skill


Students of all fields require writing skill in order to be able to write their academic articles, monographs and dissertations in a standard way. Thus, Salam University Student Success Center provided “Improving Writing Skill” Program for undergraduate and graduate students.

The main purpose of this center is to enable undergraduates and graduates of Salam University to write books, articles, monographs and dissertations in a standard way that are acceptable both in terms of grammar and content.  

Important services of this section:

This section offers a variety of services to students, including:

1-     Conducting short-term workshops for teaching writing skills.

2-     Setting up seminars and workshops to instruct students how to arrange and prepare theses and monographs.

3-     Providing writing skill materials for students.

4-     Providing individual advice to students who need guidance in this section.

5-     Providing group consultations.

6-     Reviewing, editing and correcting students' writings.  

Note: Salam University students can visit this center at any stage of their work and benefit from the advice and guidance of this center.